The U.S. Green Building Council has recently closed the second public comment period for LEED 2012. LEED 2012 has retained the same LEED rating systems as LEED 2009, which include include Building Design + Construction, Interior Design + Construction, Operations + Maintenance, Neighborhood Development, and LEED for Homes.

The most notable additions to the rating systems are the new credit categories. The Integrative Process (IP) category will grants points to projects using an iterative and collaborative green project management process. The Location and Transportation (LT) category relocates the credits related to transportation, project location, and planning into a separate category.  The third new category, Performance (PF), relocates credits related to on-going operational performance and measurement into a new category.  The scope of this category relates to metering, commissioning, and utility consumption date reporting.

The 2012 Rating System will feature new requirement for additional building types, including Data Centers and Warehouses. The energy measurement for data centers has been proposed to include Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE).  PUE is the ratio of the total power being used by a data center facility to the power being delivered to the computing equipment. This will enable data centers to more accurate reflection of the predicted energy savings.